Project Recruitment

Project Recruitment

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ISBN: 978-1-77111-961-0



On the verge of a war with the Palesei, the Telen need help from the human men, whom they usually shun. Sidarra is one of them, and he falls in love with the Telen woman Oleyni. Will they save their love and their people?    

The Telen know the war with the Palesei will come. In their need to solve their most important problem, they invite human men to participate in an outstanding project. Sidarra is one of them. He falls in love with a Telen and in the hands of kidnappers. Amid war, uproar and rejection, they both have to prove if their love withstands the odds.


“I bring you the subject Sidarra,” the male nurse announced and stepped back.

A tall, lean man with long hair and a face with a prominent chin greeted him with a warm smile. “I am Oberat. I apologize that you were taken with such high security measures.” He fumbled to open the handcuffs. “It was a necessary—”

The moment his hands were free, he put them around Oberat’s throat. “Security measures?” Sidarra fumed. “You call this security measures?”

The male nurses moved in, but Oberat waved him away. “No.”

Sidarra pressed harder. It was good to vent his anger and his hands, though numb and not fully functioning, were at the right place. He saw his opponent redden with lack of air. “You lured me into this program, did a hundred tests with me and now you abducted and treated me like a criminal.” He pushed him back into the large room with all strength he could muster. Two women, one in Oberat’s age, the other much younger, stared at him with frightful eyes, but did not interfere. Sidarra would not have minded another handful of enemies to fight. “Am I nothing to you but a primitive subject?” He pressed harder, not caring for the consequences. “Do you think you can you deal with me as you please?”

“No.” Oberat put his hands around Sidarra’s wrists, slowly increasing pressure on the joint of ulna and radius. He steadied and resisted Sidarra’s further pushing. “We had no right to do this.”

“Right.” Sidarra saw dots swimming before his eyes. He lacked strength due to the long flight without food, but he was determined to hold on. “You had to ask and you did not do it! Instead, you abducted me!”