Living for the Act

Living for the Act

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Part One
Part Two
Part Three

ISBN: 978-1-55487-362-3 Part One
ISBN: 978-1-55487-395-1 Part Two
ISBN: 978-1-55487-462-0 Part Three



The women of Raskayen need men for breeding purposes only–could love complicate their plans?

On the verge of extinction after a long war, the women of Raskayen take the only chance to enlarge their population–they capture men from other worlds to use them in closed facilities. Restricted by rules, men are only for mating, not for love and the clan chiefs watch their groups of fertile males closely. But when it comes to love, not even leaders can predict the outcome for their society. And there are men who want more than spending their lives as objects of lust.

In book two, Ferris meets some friends of old and learns that the clan chief wants him for good. Still there are rules even she cannot break.

In book three the clan chiefs learn by a hard lesson that their way of living may not be the only one possible for their planet.


Part One

„It’s just a game.“ She cut off his rebuke by placing a finger on his lips. „You’ll love it.“

Ferris turned his wrists. His trance of emotions dissolved, but then Mysan tickled his nipples with her tongue. He moaned. Her body brushed his and catapulted it to a new height. This was outstanding, and his body reacted immediately and heavily. He wanted her to take him. „Please…“ She went down his belly with her teasing, tickling tongue. His heartbeat hurt. He swallowed dryly. He didn’t know what had been done to him aside the prolonged chastity, but he was horny enough for two. „Don’t let me…“ She kissed him, shutting off whatever plea he was about to make before she undid her bra and revealed her breasts to his bulging eyes. He wriggled on the sheets. „You’re killing me. By the Gods of Erian, please, I beg of you, let me touch you!“

She whispered a feeling no and gently touched his face with her nipples, drawing a breathless moan. He opened his mouth to kiss her skin, but she withdrew, giggling.

Ferris felt the heat in his cock climb so high it became unbearable. He lifted his head to watch her drop her panties. Her pubic hair was shaven to a perfect V.

„Don’t let me wait any longer. I can’t stand it.“

„Oh, you will.“ She ran her tongue down his shaft and, unexpectedly, swallowed his length.

He screamed mad with lust and at the same time feeling tormented to a degree he had never experienced before. He lifted his butt to get more of her hot mouth. The same moment she jerked up her head. Again, Mysan left him dangling between heaven and hell. His body twitched, he clenched his fists, unable to control himself. He was dizzy with excitement, unable to swallow, unable to focus. It was the sweetest torture the scientist could have chosen.

She straddled him, but ignored his hot, hard cock. „Do you want to take me, Ferris?“

He hardly heard her through the pulsing of his blood. „Yes.“

„Will you go down on me forcefully? With all you have?“

He hesitated a moment, insecure of her purpose. „Yes.“ His mouth was so terribly dry, and his brain so utterly drained. „If you let me.“

Part Two

She slipped her hands under the covers and smiled even broader when he moaned upon her touch. He lay back and closed his eyes. Dasha kissed his chest and relaxed with him, enjoying the closeness. He massaged her shoulders and gently let them travel down her spine. Only then did he realize her nakedness and opened his eyes.
„Surprised? Don’t. I couldn’t wait for you to wake up.“

He kissed her lips and pulled her on his body. „Wake me for that every time. You’re so beautiful.“

„Hum, I like your looks, too. But more I like what you got in your head.“ She kissed his brow. „You are easy to love.“

„Easy, hum?“ Ferris intensified his caressing, keeping the thought to himself that no encounter would lead to a love he craved for. „You make it easy, don’t you?“

„How are you feeling?“ Dasha kissed his chest and throat, chuckling when he let go of his breath.

„I slept well. Must be the company.“ He kissed her nose. „I can forget about everything right now. Do you want me?“

Dasha laughed and caught Ferris’s chin between her thumb and forefinger. „You’re a dope, Ferris. If you don’t take me right now, I’m going to force myself on you and take what I want!“

„Uh, that’s a threat I truly can’t bear!“ Ferris tickled her back, and she wriggled in his arms, laughing like a child. They wrestled within the blankets and when Dasha was on top again she pinned him down with her hands on his shoulders. „No further resistance! I’m going to seriously devour you right now.“

Ferris looked up to her, dropped his arms, and smiled mischievously. „Take me, mighty clan leader, take me as I am.“

„Do you swear to not bite and beat me?“

„I’ll be as kind as a young gronty, my love.“

„That’s a promise!“ Dasha fondled his nose with hers, then began kissing him passionately.

Part Three

„Relax, Taris, this is good for you. And no woman’s gonna hurt you. They want to love you. They want you to make love to them, have children.“ Taris shuddered. „Sshh, don’t fear me. Don’t fear being helpless. It’s arousing, not threatening. Imagine the woman going down on you…“ She flipped back the loincloth to kiss his cock. „And licking and tasting you. Imagine her hot, sweaty skin on yours, pressing herself against you.“ Taris swallowed and started panting. Kalisha opened his pants and slowly pulled them down. He lifted his butt to help. „Imagine her shallow breath and her urging into your ear to go on.“ She gently pulled apart his legs and caressed his thighs with both hands. „Imagine her going down on you again like that.“ She ran her tongue up and down his shaft, relieved to see it grow to its full length. „And then when you think you can take no more, she tickles you.“ Kalisha took great pleasure in playing her tongue on his glans.

„Oh, please…“

„Nah, that is just the beginning of her game with you, because she wants you hot and eager.“ Kalisha put a loop of rope around his ankles and connected them loosely with the foot end. Taris made a sound, but didn’t order her to take the rope off. „She wants to make this a night you won’t forget. And later she will remember that you gave her the best you had to give. Freely. Relentlessly. You have something for her to cherish.“ Taris lifted his buttocks to get more of her teasing tongue. He breathed shallowly now. His eyes were still closed, his lips parted. His chest heaved. The muscles of his belly tensed as she caressed the soft skin around his testicles. „You’re so utterly adorable, Taris.“ She shed her blouse and touched his belly with her breasts. He moaned loudly. Kalisha grinned with satisfaction then returned to fondling his cock and thick balls.

„Please, take me.“

„My pleasure, Taris, that’s all I wanted to hear.“ She swallowed his length. Taris cried out, lust taking over, forcing back what his mind told him and whatever memory dictated his behavior. He trembled when Kalisha adjusted her body over his and finally opened his eyes.

„Kalisha, you’re wonderful.“

She kissed him. „I know, but thanks for telling me.“