Freedom in Chains

Freedom in Chains

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ISBN: 978-1-55487-009-7



When Kyra employs a convict she does not know that he will fulfill her secret desires but also bear an unknown threat to her life.
Boston, 2021. When Kyra Jennings, a young and successful business woman, decides to give Julian Bithrell, a sentenced convict, a second chance, she does not know that he will meet her most secret desires in bondage games. However, at the same time an unknown assassin tries to claim her life and the convict seems to bear a threat of his own. Will Kyra solve the mystery and save her life and her love?


She opened the button of his jeans and slowly undid the zipper, making it a prelude to seduction. The change of intentions came so abruptly Julian gasped, and his eyes were wide open. Kyra kept her gaze on his surprised expression when she leisurely pulled down the pants and discarded them. The socks were next and his breathing became ragged when she took his big toe in her mouth. Thoughts were blown like mist from his mind and anger? What was anger when lust ruled? Kyra felt a twisted kind of pride to have turned and quenched his anger so quickly. She sucked and bit until Julian squirmed on the carpet. With a devilish smile Kyra made a short excursion to the kitchen. The cardigan he wore had a zipper, but the shirt fell prey to her jackknife. Julian lifted his head, eyes wide enough to show the white. She pushed shirt and cardigan to the sides and over his shoulders to revel in the warmth of his chest.

„Free me,“ he begged. „Please.“

„Not so fast,“ Kyra said, muffled, since her mouth hovered over his skin.

„But it’s so tight! So tight!“

Kyra came back to her senses long enough to take off his underwear and fumble with the lock of the chastity device. Julian bowed his back, not only because his hands were trapped behind him, but also for release. She rewarded him with a sensuous ride of her tongue along his shaft, driving him to the first scream even before she had started going down on him. For a flitting moment Kyra thought that his anger had channeled quite nicely and was a much better trigger for sex than anything she could think of, but then the moment was over, and she realized that she had taken off pullover and shirt. Her bra was next, and she drove them both to a new level of sensation when her warm naked skin touched his.

„Oh, God…“ Julian swallowed.

Kyra saw his big pulse at the neck beat and the sweat that covered his chest. She bit her way down to his naval, leaving small teeth marks on his tight skin. He had spread his legs wide for her to kneel between and hoped she would go down on him right here. It took him a moment in the pause of her teasing to find out that she had stood up to fetch the cane from the wall. „No… You’re not going to hit me now! No, no!“

„You either turn and it will be your butt or you lie there and take it on your belly.“ Julian growled something unintelligible, and she raised the cane. „No argument, no anger. Remember that, Julian.“

He made the effort to turn, but it cost him. To be under her heels like that was not what had been on her mind when she had undressed him. But he preferred his back hurt instead of his front. One miss and all of his lust would turn to real pain.

„Head down on the carpet!“ He knelt in the most vulnerable position, head down and ass up and, by his heavy breathing, she knew he did not like it at all. So he kept the pained moaning to himself. The only sound was the swishing of the cane and the short impact. He clenched his teeth, grunted, but did neither whimper nor cry out when the last hit home right below his buttocks. It had been the shortest beating ever, no more than five strikes, and he knelt and waited, and only when he heard the cane drop did he dare to turn his head a fraction. Kyra was already behind him, both hands on his sides and then, while his mind fought to understand what was going on, she licked the spot above his cleft, showering him with lust. Overruling pain and the sense of humiliation in one lavish movement.

„Oh, my God…“

„Nothing can help you now,“ she whispered, satisfied to have gotten him where she wanted. He was like butter now. Melting and melting quicker from one moment to the next. Eager and ready to follow her command. She could lead him around at his nose now if she pleased and he would not dare arguing. She took a moment to shed her dress pants. Julian craned his neck to watch her, but did not change position until she ordered him to lie on the mattress in the kitchen. He sat down carefully, but the welts did not hurt as much as those by the whip. While his head was lifted from the mattress his eyes were glued to Kyra’s body and the undies that followed the rest of her clothes. He was helpless, expecting, hoping and so heavily aroused he could hardly swallow let alone breathe. She crouched between his legs and ran her hands up his shins. Over his kneecaps. Over his thighs. Watching his reaction was worth every moment. He licked his lips, panting loudly. Every move, every look aroused her more. Who needed foreplay when you could watch such a hunk melt under your fingertips? Kyra granted him a smile and found it returned. He loved the game. She moved upwards with her hands, turned every touch into a small sensation. Shivers ran across his abs.

He moaned and urged her with looks to go on. To not stop at his chest, but play the game so that her body stretched along the line of his stomach. The pressing of her breasts against his chest felt like electricity. Julian’s mouth opened wide, but his breathing was fast and shallow. „You know how to turn me on,“ he rasped, and she nodded, still that smile on her face. She lowered her head to kiss the side of his throat, right above the collar. He laid back his head, making a sound deep in his throat as if he were freed at last. Julian gave himself completely to her and it was a sensation that made her so wet she needed the contact more than him. Slowly, aware of his size and strength, she positioned to ease him inside her. At the same time she pushed herself off his chest to get a better angle.

Julian’s head jerked up again. „Wow… Be careful with me,“ she whispered. „I mean it.“

„I know.“ Surprise, gratefulness and arousal mixed in those two words. He put his feet on the ground and slowly, carefully he pushed upward. Kyra put her hands on his chest and he did not mind her weight. He smiled, seeing her reddened cheeks and the deep satisfaction she drew from the most intimate contact. She changed her position just the fraction of an inch, knowing what she wanted and how to get it. He found the rhythm they both needed. The smile on his face turned silly when she kissed his chest, moaning and urging him to give her more.

He gave her more.