Lovers in the Wood

Lovers in the Wood

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ISBN: 978-1-77111-530-8



If you thought falling in love in the woods is romantic, think again.
Rayenne thought this would be an easy police job—take the suspect to Belson Park for interrogation and make it fast. However, there is a strange wood to cross with stranger creatures to encounter before she gets rid of him. Can she withstand the challenges of both her male companion and dangerous animals to reach her destination and not lose herself on the way?


“Why are you smiling, Sajitar Haju?” Rayenne asked when she helped him into the tent.

He walked on wobbly legs and sighed when he lay down on his sleeping bag.

“So glad about being in a tent once more?”

“I just thought about how you caught me.” He looked up at her face, framed by her long black hair.

 She smiled, raising her brows.

“Up to that night, I had thought that I could detect a policeman a mile ahead.”

“I am a master of deceit,” she purred, and kissed his nose. Slowly, she undressed him, starting with his boots. “If I hadn’t wished you to know, I would have continued my scheme a week longer.” She threw the boots away and stretched for another kiss. “And you wouldn’t have noticed.”

He licked his lips, frowning.

“You mean, if you had taken me with you shackled? No, I don’t think you could’ve fooled me much longer.”

She threw back her head laughing. Her hands worked on his pants and had them down in a minute.

“Oh, Saji, you wanted me from head to toe. You wouldn’t have thought about who or what I was for weeks.” Her lips touched his sensuously.

His heartbeat sped up and he pulled her in a tight embrace.

“I know what you are now and I won’t let you go.” He cupped her cheeks. “I did this for you, Ray. I couldn’t stand the thought of being forced back to live with the settlers and knowing that other men would dare to touch you.”

“Hey, I’m a big girl.”

“Yeah, and there were many men I did not trust.”

“Protective, hmm? I like that.” Ray planted kisses all over his face and neck, murmuring words of love. He closed his eyes, content to have her with him, yet too tired to do more than silently celebrate their union. When sleep pulled him down, he heard her last words. “Sleep well, my brave warrior. So sad it’s not over yet.”