About Me

About Me

If there’s someone to blame for me starting to write, it must be Han Solo.

Why? In my opinion, Han Solo had a too small part in the Star Wars saga, so I wrote stories concentrating on him long before the internet was invented and the genre fanfiction was created.

Those were the days…

After Star Wars, there were several other fanfiction stories, and more and more readers told me that I should start writing books with my own characters.

That’s what I did and I have never stopped since. Writing is a part of my life, though I work a full-time job and own a horse that I love to ride. The moment I have an idea for a new story, I take it to my muse, and we sit for long hours to create characters and plots. I don’t know what’s more thrilling – the brainstorming or the writing process. Sometimes, a story writes itself, and the book will be finished in six weeks. Sometimes, I need almost a year to accomplish a story I’m happy with.

It took a lot of learning, growing, experience and, yes, courage to approach a publisher for my first novel Freedom in Chains. It was published in 2008.

Erotic romance with a kinky thrill, crime stories, and Science Fiction are my chosen subjects.

By now, I’ve published more than 25 books with Extasy Books, and more are to come.

I wrote the Bodyguard series, eight books dealing with Ethan Mahoney, his extraordinary wife, Jazmin, and his team as they protect the Secretary of State on his journeys, fending off both terrorists and ordinary criminals. Readers will find both thrilling plots and deep and honest romance.

My current series deals with FBI agent Nicolas Hayes and his partners as they investigate serious crimes. Hayes is deeply in love with Jacklyn Hollander, a woman who clearly knows what she wants. As a former mistress, she has ideas of her own about how a relationship works. While Hayes has to be the tough guy on his job, he’s to submit himself to his lover’s ideas the moment he comes home…

Have fun!