Kisses and Chains

Kisses and Chains

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ISBN: 978-1-4874-0236-5



On Radavé, all workers are owned. Can Shian break the bonds and keep his love?

On the run, Shian takes a spaceship to Radavé, not knowing that his life will be turned upside down. Culma Verde, a headhunter, is on his heels and known to never give up. Can his new love Keila help Shian out?


“The village lies beyond that path,” Draneiki explained reluctantly. “If the men of the great trader were fast, they will wait for you there.”

“Very well.” The Hunter dismounted and pulled Draneiki down, who sat on the ground, holding his aching belly. “And what do you propose to get through undetected?”

“How would I know? I’m an assistant. I’m there for appointments, calculations and such. I’ve never had need to play hide and seek with armed patrols! You are the clever bushman, aren’t you? Find a way yourself!”

The Hunter handed him a water bottle and smiled. “You’ve gone tough, young man. When I first saw you, I thought you’d fall unconscious just from my size.”

Draneiki drank, frowning. “I hope we both mean the same thing.”

The Hunter chortled and took the bottle Draneiki gave back. “You knew that I would come for you in the river. That was clever. I could use someone like you.”

“You already use me. Oh, no, I did not say that.” Draneiki blushed when the Hunter arched his brows, close to exploding with laughter. “All right, I did say it, but we both know…” He took a deep breath. This conversation leads nowhere but to more embarrassment. “To sum it up, I won’t be of any use for you when it comes to fighting or running around hiding in the dark. Leave me behind and go with your own luck. I cannot hinder you that way.”

“You underestimate your value. I will not leave you behind.” He glimpsed at the setting sun. “We’ll go in the dark. Put your brain to work on how to pass Bengarion’s men. I’ll try and catch something to eat.”

Draneiki almost asked if he truly wanted to leave him behind, but saved his breath. I couldn’t get anywhere fast enough.